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Tennis Skirts Buyers Guides


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Tennis Skirts Buyers Guides

The traditional tennis skirt which you wear with lacy tennis pants underneath, like “Gorgeous Gussie” Moran is being overtaken now by the modern skort.

This is a tennis skirt with built-in shorts that are either in the same colour or a contracting colour to the skirt.

You can still buy traditional tennis skirts but you have to look for them, or buy them second-hand on Ebay or in charity shops.

The reason for this change in fashion is because the bevy of young tennis beauties that dominate the Top 100 ranked Women Players in the world are wearing their skirts shorter and shorter. The skort was invented for the sake of decency.

Reebok Play Dry Club Pleated Tennis Skirt is the nearest thing to the old-fashioned white tennis skirt. The club-pleated Poly Spandex skirt has a relaxed fit with Poly pique double inverted pleats on the front and back.

The skirt does have a built-in support short, but these are not as visible as the longer shorts in the skort. This skirt looks like the traditional tennis skirt before the game went into technicolour and sells for £20.86.

Nike also has a Power Women’s Knit Tennis Skirt. This is a clean and classic design with the fit and fabric needed to take the player’s game to the top.

It is available in a trendy black or sky blue with the Nike logo in white and it is designed for high performance and low environmental impact.

The skirt has an elastic waist and vented hem and has built-in compression shorts. It retails for £26.

Another Nike skirt is a very pretty black and bright pink combination in their Women’s Set Point Tennis Skirt that sells for around £26. It features expert ventilation in a supportive fit and is made from Dri-Fit fabric to wick sweat away. It has an elastic waist and mesh overlay at the front and back with racking detail.

K-Swiss has brought out a traditional white duo layer wrap tennis skirt for £35. This is a popular skirt and comfortable to wear and has feminine pin-tucking detail on the rear waistband. It is made of nylon-lycra fabric.

Tennis Skorts

The best-selling skort is the Nike Ladies Love Game Skort which sells for £29.99 but can be bought online at discounted sale prices of around £14.00. Made of durable construction with a focus on providing the player with performance and manoeuvrability so she can take charge of her game.

Side vents ensure breathability whilst the inner short ensures total comfort. Both skirt and short are the same colour, bright canary yellow.

The Adidas Response Skort for girls and women can be bought in burgundy and white and ensures players can jump and reach with confidence and comfort.

It has an elastic waist for comfort and freedom of movement and the ClimaLite technology is characterised by light and breathable fabrics that pull sweat away from the skin.

The official colour for this skort, which sells for £22.99, is white/ultra beauty (burgundy).

To find a big selection of the latest tennis designs of tennis skorts on the market from the top brands Asics, Babolat, Fred Perry, Fila, TechniFibre, click here Tennis Clothing.

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