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Tennis Balls Buyers Guides


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Tennis Balls Buyers Guides

In days gone by tennis balls were white, coloured balls were unheard of. But with the onset of floodlit matches, television broadcasts and matches being played later into the evening yellow balls are now the order of the day.

It was realised that in the gathering gloom and under bright floodlights white balls were difficult to see and you hardly ever see a white tennis ball these day.

As long as they are a good brand there is little difference between the balls and it is really a matter of preference.

One way to buy tennis balls is to buy match balls at a tournament, but if you buy them at a Grand Slam or another big Championship where the top players are playing, especially the men, the balls may not have a lot of life left in them!

After the pounding the balls take from those ranked in the Top 100 they are not the same as balls you might purchase at a junior or country tournament.

If you are a leisure or club player it is unlikely you will want to purchase balls in bulk as that works out very expensive.

You will probably want to buy 1 or 2 dozen balls, or just go and purchase one can of 4 tennis balls at a time.

As a guide the prices of some of the top brands of balls on the market are:

  1. Wilson US Open - 2 doz £42.89 - 1 doz £21.39 - 1 can £6.09.
  2. Wilson Championship - 2 doz £35.99 - 1 doz £19.39.
  3. Head ATP - 2 doz £40.79 - 1 doz £20.39.
  4. Head Championship - 2 doz £24.99 - 1 doz £12.99.
  5. Head Radical 1 doz £14.99.
  6. Slazenger Wimbledon Ultra Vis with Hydroguard - 1 doz £16.99 - 1 can £7.99.
  7. Penn Coach 1 doz £13.29.
  8. Babolat Team Tennis - 1 doz £11.40.
  9. Babolat Gold - 1 doz £8.99.

If you are not sure which ones to choose a good tennis ball guide is to find out which is the official ball for the Grand Slam which takes place on the surface you play on. Slazenger Balls are played at Wimbledon on grass, Wilson balls are used for the US Open which takes place on hard courts.

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