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Tennis Ball Machines Buyers Guides

Tennis Ball Machines Buyers Guides

Tennis Ball machines are not cheap and you need to decide what your goal is before investing in one. Do you wish to use it for fun and leisure or is your goal to become a professional tennis player.

The best place to purchase ball machines is online with the top of the line Tennis Ball Machine on the market being the Sports Tutor Shotmaker deLuxe which costs £3,695 (rrp £5,999.99). This is Sports Tutor’s top-of-the-line professional ball machine. Its power and versatility will challenge players at any level, including professionals.

Shotmaker is used by the tennis professionals at the ATP Training Centre in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. This model has 6 different shot patterns which can be programmed with a remote control. It is the most versatile and easiest to use Shotmaker ball machine on the market.

The most popular brand of ball machine, and probably the best known, is the Lobster range. They have been around for a long time and their Lobster Elite 2 was introduced in 2005.

It has proved a big hit with beginners, improvers and advanced players alike. This 2nd version of the Elite Machine includes the addition of a unique triple oscillator which ensures variation of direction and depth and creates a more demanding pattern of strokes.

The machine comes equipped with all the standard Elite 1 battery-operated features and this version takes match play to the next level at only a slightly increased cost over the Lobster Elite 1 model. This machine costs £1,609 (rrp £1,805).

The original design of Lobster Ball Machine, which looks like an upright tubular vacuum cleaner, fires balls through the standard barrel at 28-55mph, lob barrel 20mph and with no barrel at 18mph. It also has a spin adaptor and 3 pre-set ball intervals of 3,6 and 12 seconds. The Lobster 201 sells for £819 (rrp £999).

The more advanced Lobster 301 is £1,039 (rrp £1,299). Both machines are suitable from beginners to advanced players and come with a two year warranty.

For advanced players the Tennis Tutor Plus Ball Machine has a remote Control and adds topspin and underspin capability. It is the only portable ball machine that displays the elevation setting right on the control panel. It can take 150 balls firing at 10-85mph at 1½ to 12 seconds as desired. It sells for £1,399.99 (rrp £1,999.99).

Wilson has brought out a portable remote controlled ball machine which comes with 96 free Wilson tennis balls in a bag.

The machine includes a built-in handle and tow wheels and has a ball speed control up to 70mph. The slowest speeds are useful for young players and the highest speeds are equivalent to professional-level passing shots. It has interval for volleys, spin control for varying degrees of topspin or back spin, and the battery will give you 3 to 4 hours playing time before it needs re-charging. This machine costs £1,499 (rrp £1,995).

If you want a small ball machine purely for fun that is suitable for driveways, backyards, even indoor basements, the Personal Tennis Twist Ball machine is ideal. It costs £189 ) rrp £199) and only weighs 11lbs so it is easily transportable to the local tennis courts or park.

It is not just for children, it is for beginners of any age, and has a ball capacity of 28 balls. The battery will give you 5-10 tennis playing hours.

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